How to Publish a Book When You Have Little To No Time?

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Well, to be honest we all have been there more times than none, with more things to accomplish then the number of hours in the day. You’re busy like the majority of people in America that's in the pursuit of happiness.

After a long arduous night at work, like so many single parents around the country who try to make a way for their family while still attempting to find purpose and meaning in their lives, that's not attached to the welfare of other people.

You Arrive home to meet your partner in bed dead asleep and you guessed it the kids have to get to school and you have to help them with homework when they get home and rooms cleaned and dinner cooked.

Now, I know you may be asking how in the world can you write and publish a book in these conditions let alone run a profitable business oh yeah not mention in order to have a profitable business you must have clients? Client calls must be made. Marketing has to happen (or you won’t have any clients to worry about). And then there’s bookkeeping, website maintenance, JV outreach…the list goes on.

Clearly, finding the time to write a book is a struggle. But given how important a published book is to your overall business growth, it’s time to take a look at what you can do to make that happen—even if you have no time to spare.

Outsource It

Who says you have to write your book yourself? In the world of publishing, hiring a ghostwriter is a tried and true method for getting a book written for those who:

  • Have no time

  • Don’t have a “feel” for writing

  • Simply don’t want to

Whichever camp you belong to, working with a ghostwriter can make it easy to achieve your publication goals. Ghostwriters are available in any budget, but do be aware that you get what you pay for.

While you may not want to (or be able to) shell out several thousand dollars to hire top talent, you shouldn’t settle for the lowest cost providers either. Interview several writers, look at samples of their work and choose the best you can afford. Remember, you can always edit their work, but if you have to edit too much, what have you saved?

Re-purpose It

If you’ve been marketing your business for a while, chances are good you have a wealth of content that might easily be turned into a book.

  • Your blog

  • Email auto-responders

  • Free opt-in gifts

  • Paid products

  • Podcast episodes

  • Training webinars

All of these and more can be edited to fit within the covers of a book, so don’t be afraid to reach into the archives to get your book published.

Transcribe It

If you love to talk (and as a coach, you likely do!) then speaking your book just might be the trick that works for you. In fact, a cell phone is all you need to write your book on the go. Simply speak your book while waiting in line to pick up the kids after school, while you’re out for your morning walk, or between client calls.

Send your audio files out to be transcribed, and all that remains is to edit the transcription. No matter how disjointed or awful it looks, you’ll find it’s much easier to edit even bad content than to start from scratch.

Don’t let a lack of time hold you back from finishing your book. There’s no better way to build your audience and establish your expert status than to publish a book, and you owe it to yourself—and your business—to get your book out there.

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